Constipation Lifestyle Change

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Sun, 08/09/2015
Constipation Lifestyle Change

Best way to avoid/relieve constipation is adopt to healthy lifestyle change that include enough hydration, healthy fiber intake, manage stress, etc. 

Constipation is a common complaints in the United States, it affects men, women, and children. It is more common among senior citizens, probably due to less physical activity and certain medications.

Beat constipation with lifestyle change

Few simple lifestyle changes can help relieve constipation, they are

  • Fasting at least once per month provides rest to digestive system, which helps detoxify and relieve constipation.
  • Chew the food well and drink it instead of swallowing. Make the dinner healthy, light and take it early for better digestion and easy evacuation.
  • Drink enough warm water and herbal tea: Drink at least 80 ounces (2365 ml, which is approximately 10 glasses) of water or herbal tea per day. Warm fluids are best because they support digestion. It is important to drink most of these fluids away from meals that is at least 20 minutes before, or 1 hour after eating. Immediately after getting up in the early morning, drink one or two glasses of water (preferably warm) and walk for a few minutes. This initiates bowel movement.
  • Eat Plenty of Fruit: Fruits are hydrating, fibrous, nutritious, and supports healthy digestion. Best fruits for constipation include ripe bananas, skinned apples, soaked raisins, soaked prunes, and peaches. Make sure to eat fruits at least one hour before or after foods. 
  • Many believe that eating banana before bedtime help normalize bowel movement. It is true for many, but not for all try your luck.
  • Intake of fiber/enzyme rich foods like pineapple, papaya, guava, banana, and apple (with skin) prevent constipation and promote normal evacuation.
  • Drink fruit juices: such as pineapple and prune juices, they are particularly effective for constipation.
  • Eat plenty of vegetable: many suggest you take salad; however, Ayurveda insist to take boiled vegetables and avoid raw. Raw vegetable is difficult to digest and can derail normal digestion and evacuation. In the other hand boiled vegetables nourishes digestion and normalizes evacuation.
  • Spinach cleanse, strengthen and renew the intestinal tract to regularize bowel movement. Take spinach as boiled, soup, or fresh juice regularly for healthy intestine and normal bowel movement.
  • Foods that relieve constipation include walnuts, sesame, almonds, flax seed, and other oil rich seeds and nuts.
  • Increase intake of organic oils help lubricate the intestine when in appropriate amount of oil or fat can remain in the stool. Most preferable oils are sesame oil, ghee, and olive oil.
  • Take yogurt or buttermilk along with your midday meals help reestablish guts flora, which in-turn help normalize bowel movement.
  • Some experts are of the opinion that the defecating posture also plays an important role in constipation. They insists for squatting position, which is better than sitting position for easy and complete elimination.
  • Establish a routine by going to the toilet in the mornings at a set same time. Even if you do not have the urge (sensation to evacuation), sit on the toilets with a calm mind, take few deep breathing, and visualize easy bowel movement. This will train your minds and would eventually result in daily regular bowel movement over time.
  • Goodnight sleep is important for overall health and wellness; it is also essential for proper evacuation and prevent/relieve constipation. Also proper digestion and evacuation is must for good night sleep, this worsen that and that worsen this be careful.
  • Stress makes you constipated: We all know stress affects health and wellness including your digestive health and leads to constipation. Meditating 30 minutes per day help lower the effects of stress including constipation.