Constipation Risk Factors

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Sun, 08/09/2015
Constipation Risk Factors

What are constipation risk factors? Factors increases constipation risk are old age, woman, pregnancy, dehydration, sedentary life, and traveler. 

Risk factors of constipation

Factors increase the risk of constipation include:

  1. Being an older age: is a risk factor for chronic constipation, with the sharp increase in prevalence after age 70.
  2. Being a woman: has 2 to 3 times more likely to have constipation than men may be due to higher risk of injury to the pelvic floor from childbirth.
  3. Being dehydrate often: dries out mucous membranes in the colon. The body reabsorb water from the stool make it dry and hard to pass easily.
  4. Being on refined food: and junk foods lacks naturally available nutrients and fibers necessary of gut health could lead to constipation.
  5. Being lazy: with little or no physical activity linked to constipation.
  6. Being on medications: such as sedatives, narcotics or lower blood pressure medications.
  7. Being pregnant: Constipation is a common and serious problem in women of childbearing age.
  8. Being a traveler: is a risk towards constipation.
  9. Being stressful: stress is consider harmful to physical and mental health, it also cause constipation.
  10. Health conditions: Numerous health conditions has a link to constipation. 

City people more likely to get constipation than rural; constipation linked to sever psychological pressure, fatigue, sedentary life (low/no physical exercise), and insufficient water intake.