Barrett's Esophagus Diet

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Wed, 12/14/2011

Barrett s esophagus diet helps to manage the underlying cause GERD, which stops the progression of this condition.

Barrett’s esophagus Home Remedies

Following certain simple home remedies, helps reduce acid reflux and slow down the progression of Barrett’s esophagus:

  • Avoid smoking and use of other tobacco products. Nicotine in the blood may weaken the Low esophageal sphincter (LES).
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Avoid slouching posture during standing, walking or sitting.
  • Elevate your upper part of the body (not head alone with pillows) to some six inches during sleep. This helps to stop acid reflux into the esophagus from the stomach.
  • Reducing obesity and losing weight may help to relieve upward pressure on the stomach and LES.

Barrett’s Esophagus Diet

Avoiding some, food can help to lower acid reflux and slows down the progression of Barrett’s esophagus:

  • Avoid eating anything within three hours before bedtime.
  • Reduce consumption of fatty foods, dairy products, chocolate, caffeine drinks, carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, and other acid-forming foods.
  • Break up your food into five small meals instead of three heavy meals.
  • Avoid scooping or bending after eating.