GERD Natural Treatments

GERD Natural Treatments

To cure GERD, the best way is eat healthy, avoid trigger, and take natural treatments such as herb, homeopathy, yoga, and acupressure. However, it will not be cured overnight and require patience. 

Why & what are the GERD natural treatments?


Unlike conventional medicine that just mask the symptoms, the natural treatment treat the root cause thus a permanent cure from GERD is possible.

1.  Herbal remedies for GERD: It is well known fact that GERD medications only mask the symptoms; however, natural herbal heartburn remedies are one of few actual ways to cure heartburn.

2.  Homeopathy for GERD: Homeopathy offers a set of remedies for the GERD treatment with painful heartburn symptoms. Homeopathy remedy stimulates our own vital force, or immune system, and encourage the body to heal itself.

3.  Yoga poses for GERD: Yoga is widely practiced for various medical conditions and it shows improvement; Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is among them. Regular and proper use of the Yoga can control acid reflux, relieve heartburn and heals GERD.

4.  Acupressure therapy for GERD: Acupressure is a form of Chinese medicinal practice that uses fingers to manipulate certain specific points in the body. This proved to unblock energy flow to a specific organ thus reestablishes health. Acupressure can potentially heal GERD.

5. Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is useful for various psychological conditions. Also, it relieves abdominal pain and improves digestion. GERD is closely associated with stress, anxiety, and depression; thus help cure GERD.

6.  Reflexology GERD Massage: Our body organs have reflex points on the foot and hands. By manipulating these points with gentle firm massage, you can stimulate the organ to work to its full efficiency. By massaging organs associated with digestion to restore its normal function. 

Additionally, reflexology is helpful for overall health improvement. Reflexology or food tapping supports healthy digestion and supports GERD treatment.