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Gastrodigestivesystem.com is a private not-for-profit-organization, our goal is to promote digestion and help people to maintain health and enjoy their life at their best, and to help treat those who are affected by digestive problems.

Mission Statement

The mission of Gastrodigestivesystem.com is to provide accurate and detailed information about digestives system and its related conditions (digestion problems) and treatments by modern allopathic medicine as well as by traditional alternative medicines, such as herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, yoga exercise poses, acupressure and reflexology massages.

We aim to provide the most authoritative and trusted reference information on digestive system and its problems which are easily understandable. We collect information from most authenticated resources in the web after stringent analysis of the information. We provide up to date information for free of charge.

We are committed to improve our services to achieve the highest quality of information for our audience.

About author

Gastrodigestivesystem.com is primarily written and edited by Manjula who does not have any professional standing in any field of medicine. The information presented here is from their personal experience, books and information from authenticated sites on the internet. See disclaimer for further information.

Author e-mail: tv.manjulat(at)yahoo.com

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Gastrodigestivesystem.com is written in an easy to understandable format for the general public, though our intension is providing quality information even useful to health care professionals. And we are always striving for quality and reliable information expected by you all.
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