Do I have IBS?

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Sat, 09/19/2015
Do I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Unfortunately, IBS is a functional disorder; there is no test to diagnose. Here you can find set of IBS questions to confirm whether you have IBS.

Do I have IBS?

At present IBS is a condition identified only by the symptoms. These symptoms can vary in frequency and intensity from person to person and within an individual person from day-to-day.

Just go through IBS questionnaire and answer them to confirm whether you have IBS or not. 

1. Do you have periodical bouts of Abdominal Pain?

Are you experiencing periodical bouts of abdominal pain for last three months? This is consider as the first important symptoms of IBS. This pain is often appear below the belly button or felt all over the abdomen. Generally, this pain decreases after a bowel movement.

2. Do you have abnormal Bowel Movements?

One to three bowel movement per day is consider perfectly normal. If you have more than three bowel movement per day or less than one bowel movement per day is consider as abnormal bowel movement. However, all of us experience short term bowel movement irregularities for days or week and return back to normal, this is not consider as IBS. Instead, if chronic abnormal bowel movement is consider as IBS.

3. Do you have a pattern of irregular & regular bowel movement?

Irregular bowel movement for a week for every four weeks. That is irregular bowel movement followed by normal bowel movement. This is another common symptom of IBS.

4. Do you have mucus in your stools?

Presence of mucus in stool without blood is common sign of IBS. Mucus secretion serves as a lubricant for smooth transmit of food and feces. Excess mucus than normal is the sign of IBS, similar to running nose is a sign of cold.

5. Do you have bloating or abdominal swelling?

Bloating or swelling of abdomen immediately after few-mouth of meal and in the evening is a common unpleasant IBS symptom. This often decrease after few hours of eating or improves overnight.

6. Do you feel incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement?

A sensation of incomplete emptying of rectum after a bowel movement force you to strain a lot in an attempt of try hard to pass stool that you feel like left back. This may cause due to increased sensitivity of the gut.

7. Do you have other than bowel symptoms?

In addition to IBS symptoms, people with this disorder also experiencing non-bowel symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion, appetite loss, fatigue, urinary problems, migraine, left side abdominal pain during intercourse in women, and painful muscles & joints.  

If you are experiencing at least three of the above said IBS questions for more than three months, then there are more chances are you to have IBS. If you feel the symptoms not exactly as you experience then it is important to consult your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis.