Advertisement Policy

Submitted by Manjula on Fri, 11/25/2011

Funding is provided by third party advertising from several providers. Third party advertising consists of relevant, targeted advertisements that are intended to supplement the information provided on the website. However, in some  cases the advertisements displayed are based on automatic inclusion, and the website and its author(s) do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by these contributors, nor does the website or its author(s) accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. The products or ideas mentioned are not a warranty, endorsement or approval of ideas or products or their safety. The website and its author(s) disclaim responsibility or liability, directly or indirectly for any injury to persons resulting for the use or misuse from any ideas or products referred to or implied by any material presented.

Every effort is made to ensure that advertising and editorial content is kept separate on website. Advertising will never have any influence over the content presented. In the event that an advertiser is discussed in an article on, a full disclosure will be included.

Google Advertisements

Google Advertising appears on many pages of the website. The advertisements are clearly indicated. These ads may include items that change frequently and the website and its author(s) cannot necessarily recommend these items. It is possible that some advertisements may even contradict the recommendations made by the website and its author(s).

Link/Banner exchange do not derive funds nor show advertisements from any third party affiliated program or banner exchange with the exception of Google ads which are clearly marked.