IBS Diarrhea Lifestyle

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Sat, 09/19/2015
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diarrhea Lifestyle

Diarrhea is the most distressing IBS symptom. Especially, when running to bathroom at work or in public places. Now we can learn, how to manage diarrhea?

Control and manage diarrhea

You can control diarrhea with some modification in diet and lifestyle.

  • Temporarily stay away from too much dietary fiber. The foods rich in fiber include whole grain products, fruits, nuts, vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), and beans.
  • Avoid foods that may worsen diarrhea such as greasy, fatty, and fried foods.
  • Caffeine increase intestinal movement and is a diuretic (leads to dehydration), thus during diarrhea avoid coffee, tea, etc.
  • Avoid dairy products that may worsen diarrhea such as milk, cheese, butter and cream. However, you can take buttermilk and yogurt.
  • Consume foods that may firmer the stools such as rice, pasta, baked potatoes (without skin), and white bread.
  • Avoid foods that may irritate the intestinal tract and can worsen diarrhea such as pickled and spicy foods.
  • You lose a lot of fluid during diarrhea, so it is vital to replace it to prevent dehydration (Signs of dehydration are dark urine, dry mouth, extreme thirst, and loss of skin elasticity – skin does not rebound after pinched into a fold). Take enough water, herbal tea, fruit juices, soups, and electrolyte replacement drinks.
  • Eat smaller sized meals to lower straining of the digestive system.
  • Diarrhea make your feel tired and weak. It is important to take rest and help your body to rebuild its energy level. 
  • The skin around the anus may become sore with severe diarrhea. To prevent or limit this by using unscented baby wipes instead of toilet paper. Apply soothing oil around anus such as castor or coconut oil over the sour area. Use cotton instead of synthetic fiber underwear, this keeps the area well ventilated.
  • Always stay close assess to toilet to avoid accidents. Carry a spare underwear, pads, soothing creams and a plastic bag with you, just in case of accident rinse underwear and put it in the plastic bag. Wearing pad can protect underwear and make you feel a bit safer.
  • Protect mattress by putting a large towel or waterproof bed pads made for toddlers on the bed if you are worrying about having an accident during the night.